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POSE! You’re a Magicat Girl, you have to pose often! It’s, like, the law or something. The law of girls with magic powers.

Roll result: 15 - Success!

You decide to work on your posing – after all, they’re important for various things in life. Like begging for treats, or fighting evil monsters.

First, you do your ultimate cute pose. It has served you well when mooching food from strangers, or making your enemies hesitate before kicking them in the pants.

Next, you ready your combat stance. You are so totally ready even if you’re suddenly attacked like right… NOW!

Finally, you strike a cool pose. If Cruz was here, he’d say “Awesomeness just oozes out of your every orifice”, and you’d agree.

All your posing has attracted your dad’s attention from the other end of the room. He’s wondering what’s gotten into you this time.

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