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Conquer hell and rule as cute kitten demon princess!

Conquer hell and rule as cute kitten demon princess! published on

Conquer hell and rule as cute kitten demon princess!

Roll result: 1
Rewards bought: +2, -3 = -1
Result: 1 - 1 = 0, CRITICAL FAIL!

Enough wallowing in self-pity! Since you’re here anyway, might as well take over Hell!

This task may seem hard, but contrary to popular belief, Hell isn’t filled with demons; it’s just full of cats because all dogs go to heaven for some reason.

The Hellcats are fine with this since it’s warm everywhere (nap in any place!), and the tortured screams of eternal suffering reverberating throughout Hell just feels so… right (improves naps!).

You notice a Hellcat with a painful looking whip walking by. You recall one of them explaining that these poor souls have damned themselves because they believed Hell should be about eternal suffering, which the Hellcats are perfectly happy to fulfill for them.

Anyway, enough thinking, it’s time for some action! You quickly pick yourself up and… plan your next move.

If someone wants to conquer hell, the most obvious choice would be to head over to the Citadel of Despair and challenge the current Overlord. Now that you know what to do, you run towards the Citadel as fast as you can. The portal closes behind you with a wink.

You arrive at the Gate of Grief, and tell the two Hellguards there that you’re here to fight the Overlord.

Both of them say “Oooooh!” while looking at each other excitedly. They talk for a moment, then one of them beckons you to come inside.

After walking through the winding halls of the Citadel, you finally stand before The Weeping Throne.

The Overlord of Hell -The Infernal Sovereign, The Devourer of Sins, The Void of Hope, looms over you.

Well, not really looming, he’s only catnapping. And everyone just calls him Smokey. He’s fine with that though since it’s his real name afterall.

You point triumphantly and shout that you’re here to seize the Throne. Smokey wakes up and calmly gazes at you, then telepathically shows you horrifying visions of your dad getting killed.

Looks like you’ve bitten off more than you can chew. One does not simply decide to take over Hell.

You barely manage to control yourself before destroying everything in the vicinity, but you understood his point so you decide to give up. For now.

Smokey shakes his head. He mentally tells you that he’ll only let you off if you give up your collar (and thus your powers) and stay here to serve as a Hellcat, or else bad things are going to happen to your dad.

What will you do?

Author's note: Uh, try to keep commands simpler/have less steps next time please.


====> published on


Roll result: 2 - Fail!

You trip on something while exiting the portal, causing you to fall on your face. It hurts, physically and emotionally, aside from the fact that you are also now in Hell.

You don’t feel like standing up, although you really should if you want to get out before They notice and the portal closes.

Throw your wand at the portal

Throw your wand at the portal published on

Throw your wand at the portal. That’s how that works, right?

Roll result: 8 + 1 (9) - Poor Success!

The portal’s normally opened by chanting an incantation but hey, maybe there are other ways to open it, right? Like say, by throwing your wand at it. Who knows, maybe it will work or not, and it might even be a better method of opening it!

You hold your wand by the handle and carefully aim at the tree… then you throw it as hard as you can.

And by hard, I mean really really hard since you’re a lot stronger than a normal human being. Oh, and you’ve used the wand as a bludgeon countless times before, so you’re not worried about the wand becoming damaged at all – it’s magic you see.

Bright as a star and faster than a bullet, the wand hurtles toward the tree and slices it in half. The wand then smashes through the wall behind it, and several houses in its path. The sound of screams and destruction echo in the distance.

Whoops. You hope it didn’t hit anyone you know or care about.

You notice some glowing coming from the remains of the tree, and see a small portal has formed on top of the stump. It has barely enough space for you if you jump in with your human/catgirl form. Usually, the tree takes the form of an arch after saying the incantation, but it looks like that won’t be possible anytime soon. At least throwing the wand worked and you learned a new attack, hurray!

You unsummon the wand from wherever it’s flying, and jump into the portal before it closes, and before anyone notices where the trail of destruction started from.

Go outside and visit the one that gave you your powers

Go outside and visit the one that gave you your powers published on

Realize you have not checked on the one that gave you your powers yet today. You should probably go outside and visit her.

Roll result: 12 - Success!

Feeling a little pumped up from dancing, you decide to pay Hibi-Hibi, err, Queen Hibiscus a visit – who knows, there might be something else you can do over there. You wave goodbye to your dad and go outdoors.

It’s quite warm and bright today. As you step out into the sunlight, you briefly consider taking a nap on one of the sunny spots you’ve noticed. “Maybe next time then!” you say, before letting out a yawn.

You approach Hibi’s tree. It looks just like an ordinary tree that you can find anywhere, but it’s actually a portal to another world.

You ready your wand to open the portal…

Do a baton dance with the wand!

Do a baton dance with the wand! published on

Do a baton dance with the wand!

Roll result: 15 - Success!

You might as well show-off since your wand is already out.

You gracefully twirl and dance around the room with your wand, complete with some fancy ballet moves like pirouettes and cabrioles, not that you really know what they’re called. You also throw in some backflips and somersaults for good measure.

You finish your performance with a bow, to your dad’s applause. He’s quite impressed since you managed to do all that in a small room.

You’re a little out of breath, but all this applause and prancing around cheered you up.

Turn your dad into a magical girl

Turn your dad into a magical girl published on

Turn your dad into a magical girl.

Roll result: 4 - Fail!

It would be welcome to have backup from someone you trust during your fights, even if your Dad becomes your Mom. Now that you think about it, this makes you feel a little happy. And maybe if you’re thirsty, he’ll… well, she’ll give you something to drink.

You summon your wand that’s stored in your collar, and start casting a spell.

But your dad looks at you, and then to the spray bottle he’s keeping near him.

eh, you’re not really in the mood to have a mom, er, an ally anyway. Really.

Now, you’re just awkwardly standing there holding the wand.


Pose! published on

POSE! You’re a Magicat Girl, you have to pose often! It’s, like, the law or something. The law of girls with magic powers.

Roll result: 15 - Success!

You decide to work on your posing – after all, they’re important for various things in life. Like begging for treats, or fighting evil monsters.

First, you do your ultimate cute pose. It has served you well when mooching food from strangers, or making your enemies hesitate before kicking them in the pants.

Next, you ready your combat stance. You are so totally ready even if you’re suddenly attacked like right… NOW!

Finally, you strike a cool pose. If Cruz was here, he’d say “Awesomeness just oozes out of your every orifice”, and you’d agree.

All your posing has attracted your dad’s attention from the other end of the room. He’s wondering what’s gotten into you this time.

You are Myan

You are Myan published on

You are Myan, a Magical Girl.

You were just a normal stray cat when one day, you were adopted by your human dad, Keith.

Sometime later, you were given amazing powers by Hibi-Hibi to save the world The Philippines or something.

You’d rather spend your time eating or napping, but you’ve managed to do your mission properly and defeat every opponent you’ve faced so far.

You are currently in your (and dad’s) room and blankly staring at a wall in because you felt like it.

What will you do?

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