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How to Play

This game/interactive comic relies on your comments/commands to progress the story. I’ll try to update once a day from Monday to Friday, but no promises since I do have the main comic to work on.

How to participate

To participate in the comic, you’ll need to create an account in Solid Opinion, the comments system Magicat Girl is using. Do this by going to any comic page (like the first page) and then scrolling down to the comments section.

Afterwards, you can leave a comment, vote up/down comments, and use Rewards. You can also do other stuff in the comments section as well.

Game Mechanics

  • I’ll choose the topmost comment according to reputation and votes. Note that votes matter more than reputation.
  • If someone pins a comment to the top (if I notice it that is), I’ll consider that the winning comment. It costs 200 points per hour though.
  • I will not consider the added/modified comment from remarks.
  • If the commands available are just too asinine, Myan might ignore it or I’ll make some stuff up.
  • After a command has been chosen, there’s a chance for the action to succeed or fail. This is determined by a roll of virtual d20 (20-sided die). To keep things simple and fun, I’ve decided that:
    • 1: Critical/Epic Fail, extremely bad or hilarious results.
    • 2-6: Fail.
    • 7-10: Poor Success. Action succeeds, but just barely.
    • 11-15: Success.
    • 16-19: Great Success. It went better than expected.
    • 20: Critical/Epic Success, something awesome happens.

Rules when commenting

  • Type in commands as if you’re commanding Myan.
  • Be civil with each other.
  • Don’t post NSFW images and videos.
  • No sockpuppeting please.
  • Not exactly a rule, but don’t downvote someone just because they downvoted you. No hard feelings m’kay?

Great commands are

  • Simple
  • Specific
  • Original
  • Have proper spelling and grammar
  • Funny, cool, interesting, and/or awesome
  • Keeps the story moving forward

Using your points/reputation

After registering for a new account, you’ll get 10 points to spend. You’ll need these points to leave comments (each comment costs 1 point) and do various things in the comments section.

Fun examples include: temporarily forcing someone to change their name or profile picture, leaving an emotion, or adding remarks, images, or videos to anyone’s comments.

On the somewhat serious side, you can use your points to vote up/down comments (even your own) multiple times, disallow someone from commenting, reduce someone’s points, or even pin a comment to the top. These effects can be quite expensive however. You can find more detailed info in the Help tab in the comments section.

While comments and votes dictate Myan’s next action, the dice roll affects the outcome. You can modify the dice roll through the Rewards tab in the comments section.

You can also transfer your points to another commenter if you want to pool points together for a Reward or effect.

How to receive points by

  • You automatically get 1 point every day
  • +3 for visiting the site (once per day)
  • +2 for receiving a reply
  • +5 for receiving a vote up
  • +10 for being the first commenter
  • +10 for sharing to a social network (per click on the link)


After earning a certain amount of points, you’ll advance in rank. Reaching a rank can earn you free effects. To maintain the achieved rank, however, your point balance must not drop.

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