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You are Myan

You are Myan published on

You are Myan, a Magical Girl.

You were just a normal stray cat when one day, you were adopted by your human dad, Keith.

Sometime later, you were given amazing powers by Hibi-Hibi to save the world The Philippines or something.

You’d rather spend your time eating or napping, but you’ve managed to do your mission properly and defeat every opponent you’ve faced so far.

You are currently in your (and dad’s) room and blankly staring at a wall in because you felt like it.

What will you do?

Changelog – 11/16/2015

Changelog – 11/16/2015 published on

Added a widget below the chat that shows the rewards/modifiers bought for the next page.

Reward changes:

  • Changed names of some of the rewards. Now they're like spells:
    • "Reroll" is now "Change Fate"
    • "Reroll on Fail" is now "Second Chance"
    • "Reroll on Success" is now "Jinx"
  • Slightly buffed Minuses - Minus 2 is the minimum, Minus 4 is the maximum. Changed it because Myan just has too amazing luck/skill (needing at least a 7 to succeed, even if it's a poor success)
  • Added "Clairvoyance" to rewards - Allows everyone to see the next roll in advance.
  • Added icons to rewards

I have additional ideas for rewards: like making the next page colored, additional dice, or making critical fails more likely every page until a critical fail happens, but I kinda don’t want to implement it since it might be too much work… what do you guys think?

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